We have ability to upload / download 15 containers stowed per day // In 80 minutes we commit to make the whole process to maintain the cold chain

Fish proccesing

We have specialized in the processing of fish in different formats. We can offer you following services:

  1. IQF freezing
  2. Block freezing
  3. Freezing packaged products
  4. Glazing product
  5. Packaging of fresh product
  6. Seafood Cooking
  7. Product bagging

We can freeze up more than 30 species of fish in IQF (individual quick freezing) through a process of freezing in brine. Product frozen in 50 minutes and ready for use


We are aware that the market demands more and more customized products. To do this, we offer multiple alternative of packaging for your products.

  1. Carton box
  2. Polybox
  3. Bags
  4. Shrink wrapping
  5. Thermosealed

Different sizes, shapes or colors. We adapt to your specific needs